Hi There!

My name is Kasandrea and I am a higher education advisor, speaker, and consultant.


I am passionate about education

in all forms and encouraging others to achieve their dreams. 

Academic Consultant

I founded a company where I get to help people go to college as well help colleges & universities better reach their students.

All things digital marketing

I am passionate about social media, education, marketing and brand management, and love helping companies and colleges leverage these to reach their audiences.

My Credentials

Kasandrea Sereno M.Ed MBA

Lead Academic Advisor @ University of South Florida

Bachelor of Science 2005

University of South Florida                                                                      Major: Business Management                                                    Minor: Industrial Psychology

Master of Education M.Ed. 2008

University of South Florida                                                         College Student Affairs                                                                   Graduate Certificate in Career Counseling

Master of Business Administration MBA 2011

University of South Florida                                                 Management, Marketing, & Sustainability

Doctorate of Education EdD 2019

Vanderbilt University                                                                   Higher Education Organizational Leadership & Policy

Motivated & Driven

I have a strong desire to impact and help others.I have an allergy to incompetence and a drive to make things bigger and better.

Forward Thinking

I am incredibly excited about improving workflows and processes and building new innovations and projects

Problem Solver

I enjoy analyzing data to get to the root of problem and working to develop solutions that make an impact.

Student Support

I absolutely love working with students! I enjoy helping them discover their interests and supporting them in chasing their dreams. 

Sometimes I write things. You can read them here.

My Presentations 

(Click here to see more & download)

2017 NACADA Sheffield

“Cat Memes & Creativity; Using Technology to Remix SLS 2901” 

2016 EduWebSummit

“What Students & Families Want in a Campus Tour Experience” 

2016 WordPress EDU

“Using WordPress in a First Year Experience Academic Foundations Course”

2015 Appreciative Advising Conference

Appreciative Education Conference 2015 “Creating Student Friendly Pitstops”


“Academic Immersion in an LLC; USF’s ZAP Builds Social & Professional Relationships For Success”

2014 NASPA Annual

“Virtual Advising: No Parking? No Problem. How Technology can take the hassle out of getting a tassel”

Students Advised

Years in Higher Ed

RateMyProfessor Rating

Student Satisfaction Rating

My Company

My Advisor Says is an independent academic consulting company that helps those who want to go to college. I have helped hundreds of students get into, get thru, and graduate from college and it is the most rewarding job ever.

My AF Course

This is a specialty course for mass communications majors that began in Fall 2015. Click the link above to go to my site and see everything the course includes; syllabi, activities, books, and assignments.

Social Media Trainings

I love social media! And I really love teaching people how to use it to reach their business goals and connect with target markets. I run a Facebook group for professionals in higher education social media. I also regularly host webinars on best practices in social media from colleges and companies from all over the world. You can check them out on my YouTube channel.

My Skills

My background is in marketing and brand management, specifically how individuals interact with and develop loyalty to companies. I really enjoy putting these skills to work in higher ed, helping to design and build new programs to increase efficency and satisfaction. Most recently I have been working to improve our academic advising services at my university, by focusing on People, Product, and Process. 

  • Appreciative Academic Advising  96% 96%
  • Career Development & Counseling 90% 90%
  • Organizational Development  80% 80%
  • Brand Strategy 90% 90%

NACADA Region 4

2017 Excellence in Advising –   Primary Role

Outstanding Advising Award

2014 Based on student satisfaction scores and process improvement at the University of South Florida

Outstanding Staff Award for Student Success 

2013 Highest award given to staff members at the University of South Florida

Let's Connect!

If you’d like to connect try LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon, or the old fashioned way: kasandreasereno@gmail.com. I’m available for talks and consulting projects and always happy to meet bright people with great ideas.

Drop me a line and let's create something awesome!

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