SLS 2901
Academic Foundations

I designed this course originally in fall 2015 as a specialty course for mass communications majors transitioning to their first year of college. Click the link below to go check it out.

About the Course


This is a basic academic foundations course encompassing 3 areas.


First Year Experience

We go over all of the intro to college basic stuff. How to get to class (on time), take advantage of campus resources, and basically navigate this whole going to college thing.

Academic & Learning Strategy

All of the things a first year student should know about how academics in college is different than academics in high school. How to get good grades, what exactly it means to “study” and all the hacks to get thru the semester.

Career Development

Every assignment will have a Mass Com twist to it. Students in this class aspire to careers in television, journalism, public relations, advertising, photography, social media, and graphic design.

Student Reflections