My Company

I own a company that has two parts.

My Advisor Says is an independent academic consulting company that helps those who want to go to college. I work with middle schoolers, high school students, and adults who want to go back to college; navigate the admissions process. I also help with career exploration, choosing a major, and can be their academic advisor all the way thru their program. I have helped hundreds of students get into, get thru, and graduate from college and it is the most rewarding job ever.

Sereno Consulting Services is the social media management and education branch. I love social media and enjoy helping individuals and businesses leverage this new technology to achieve their goals. I have worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and institutions of higher education to build social media strategy and understand how these platforms can help them connect to their audiences. I also manage a Facebook group of higher education social media managers and host Twitter chats, webinars, and talks on topics related to social media in higher education.