“A Voice for Students with Experience in Foster Care”

College Board Dream Deferred Conference: Washington DC March 2022

  • Who SEFC are and how they are retained (or not) in college
  • How SEFC are represented among students whose backgrounds have been historically marginalized.
  • Outcomes for SEFC who don’t attend or complete college
  • How colleges, community partners, and global organizations can help

Finally, we will work together to identify cheerleaders and stakeholders on your campus.

Spark Digital: Niche Communities Digital Conference January 2022

Social media is noisy, and some users are moving away to create niche communities where they can communicate with like-minded individuals about shared interests. These communities give users a sense of belonging, especially in a time of immense upheaval where human connection is lacking. This is a larger sign of the importance not just of short-form entertainment like TikToks but also of subcultures and communities. This session will highlight how (your) small communities are winning big.

“Building a Personal Brand for #SaPro’s”

NASPA Tampa Florida 2019

Recent grad jumping into your first job search? A seasoned professional looking for your next position? Wondering how you to stand out in the crowd of candidates?

Building a strong personal brand is the answer. Resumes and networking cards are just the beginning, come learn all about how to use Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to land your next position.

Find out why you need a LinkedIn profile and how to craft a strong one.

“Social Media in Higher Education”

Sprout Social Webinar 2019

Sprout Social works with some of the world’s largest public and private colleges, supporting their social efforts with tools and strategies. We’ve tapped these institutions of higher education for the best knowledge to share with the industry. We’ll share insights from professionals in the field and answer questions from all attendees looking to solve the challenges that come along with running a social media program in higher education.

Creative Ways to Share Academic & Research Content on Social”

Launching & Measuring an Effective Influencer Marketing Program”

Social Media Strategies Summit NYC 2019

SMS NYC hosts some of the biggest names in digital marketing and I was invited as a speaker for two sessions.

“Should I Take This Class: Developing Video Course Trailers”

Nacada International Belgium 2019 Nacada National Phoenix 2018

How many times has a student asked “Is this a good course?” or “What is this class going to be about?” Each semester students over-register so they can try out courses during syllabi week and drop the ones they do not want causing confusion and frustration for both students and faculty. We will cover the technology needed, how the content was created and how the project was received. by students and faculty.

“Engagement & Employability; Integrating Career Development Into Academic Advising”

NASPA- Tampa Florida 2019: Nacada International Dublin 2018

Academic advisors often find themselves in the middle of students asking “What can I do with this major?” and companies calling “Can you send me a student who…”. Rather than simply refer students to the career center, what if departments helped to bridge that gap? One advisor did just that, creating a speaker and corporate tour series connecting students to local opportunities. Getting students out of the classroom and into real networking situations. This is their story.

“Cat Memes and Creativity: Using Technology to Remix the First Year Experience Course”

European First Year Experience Conference 2019 Nacada International Sheffield 2017 WordPress Edu Sarasota 2016

This session explores how one instructor recreated the foundations course to better fit modern learning outcomes. From assigning Twitter and Instagram as homework, and designing the major’s specific course around creating a career portfolio of skills, to having the highest gains in career readiness. We will discuss the course, activities and assignments, use of pop culture, service learning, technology competencies as well as the student’s reactions and satisfaction with the class.

“First Impressions; What Prospective Students Want in a Campus Visit Experience

EduWeb Summit Denver 2016

Do you know how many steps it takes a student to plan a visit to your campus? In this session hear what makes the process challenging and what can be done to improve the user’s experience. From clunky websites, difficult scheduling tools and wayfinding, we will discuss and give real examples from colleges around the country.

“Creating Student Friendly Pit-Stops; Ecology of Design in Academic Advising

Appreciative Education Myrtle Beach 2015 Flacada State Drive In 2013

The study of campus ecology and environments is a growing but under recognized area in relation to student success. Creating a welcoming office environment has a multitude of effects on students and advisors. The moment a student enters a space, they are being impacted by signage, lighting, comfort, and furniture. The presenter will discuss basic design theory, subliminal environmental messaging, as well as strategies they’ve implemented to create a more inclusive environment.

“Virtual Advising: No Parking? No Problem!”

Appreciative Education Myrtle Beach 2015 NASPA National Baltimore 2014

In this session we will cover how one advising office made the leap into online advising including virtual advising chats (using several different platforms) to engage in a broader conversation, connect with distance learning students, and provide a higher level of transactional and developmental services. We will discuss the process of building the program, the cost, the challenges and the successes of each platform, and the student reactions to the new services.

“Academic Immersion in an LLC”

ACUHO-I National Kansas City 2014

Meet the Zimmerman Advertising Program ZAP at USF! A community grounded in academic affairs that prepares students inside & outside the classroom. This session will include creation, challenges & successes of growing a unique program; including staffing, budget, gaining buy-in from campus partners, and student recruitment. We’ll share the learning outcomes, retention/graduation rates, student satisfaction, career readiness and the projected expansion of both the LLC and the academic major.

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